Featured Idaho Patent: Apparatus and method for electrosurgical suction with suction band and replaceable tips

This week's featured patent discloses a device for evacuating smoke that is produced by electrocautery surgical devices.

PDFs of Patents Now Provided by the Patent Office

Has the United States Patent and Trademark Office joined the 21st century? The online USPTO patent database now allows users to download a pdf file of the entire patent (or patent application). Previously, we had two options to view patents:

Toyota was Issued the Most U.S. Patents Among Auto Manufacturers in 2012

According to this article in USA Today, Toyota received a hefty 1,491 U.S. patents in 2012, the most of any automaker and an increase of 30% from the previous year. The number of patents granted was reported by the Intellectual Property Owners Association.

Micro-Entity Status Loophole

Several months ago, I blogged about reduced micro-entity fees, which will soon be available for qualifying patent applicants. As discussed in this blog post, the micro-entity provisions may have a loophole to let anybody qualify for the 75% fee reduction, just by providing a license to a qualifying institution of higher education.

Featured Idaho Patent: Differential action railroad car axle assembly

According to this week's featured patent, railroad axles are usually one piece and therefore the wheels are fixed to each other in rotation. This arrangement causes problems when the railcar goes around a corner, because the outside wheel wants to turn faster . . .

Featured Idaho Patent: Portable apparatus for cleaning air filters

This week's featured patent discloses a device for cleaning air filters on vehicles used in off-road and other environments that quickly saturate the air filter with particulate matter.

Featured Idaho Patent: Armor systems including coated core materials

This week's featured patent is an armor system that could be used for aircraft, armored vehicles, and body armor. The invention includes a multi-layer design, with a core material that is coated with a second material.

Featured Idaho Patent: Chemical vaporizer for material deposition systems and associated methods

Today's featured patent is a chemical vapor deposition system for fabricating integrated circuits. Chemical vapor deposition is a process commonly used to deposit a very thin layer on a semiconductor or other substrate.

Featured Idaho Patent: Miniature football helmet bottle liquid bottle pourer

This week's featured Idaho patent is a design patent for a "miniature football helmet liquid bottle pourer."

Featured Idaho Patent: Non-occluding audio headset positioned in the ear canal

U.S. Patent Number 8,218,799 - Non-occluding audio headset positioned in the ear canal

If you ever wished that your earbud headset was even smaller and could be put even farther into your ear, then this is the invention for you.


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