PDFs of Patents Now Provided by the Patent Office

Has the United States Patent and Trademark Office joined the 21st century? The online USPTO patent database now allows users to download a pdf file of the entire patent (or patent application). Previously, we had two options to view patents:

The Historical Idaho Patents Database

The University of Idaho Law School has a neat website called the Historical Idaho Patents Database that I've explored on a few occasions. It is a user-friendly way to search patents that were granted to Idaho residents. According to the website, the database only covers patents granted during the years 1866-1908 and 1928, but it is being added to continuously. However, I found that the database currently includes patents granted as recently as 1976.

Patent Searching Through the US Patent Classification System

During my time as a patent professional, I have been able to gain a fair amount of experience conducting patent searches. Although searching through the USPTO database for a specific disclosure can be more of an art than science, I have come up with a relatively easy method that takes advantage of the USPTO's patent index system. In this post, I'm going to briefly describe the index that the US Patent and Trademark Office uses to classify all patents. Then I'll provide my method for using that system to conduct a patent search.

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